QUO office clock pot represents your life metaphorically

QUO office clock pot_05

As plants need a special care to keep them lively so they could rejuvenate your space, similarly people also need to balance their lives to keep it fresh and happening, so they could live life to the fullest. Designed to represent your work life, Mexican designer Luis Xicotencatl has come up with a metaphorical office clock pot called the “QUO” that requires your attention, care and time, which is essential to boost your life.

Made using easy to clean polymer, the QUO office pot integrates a LED clock with a retro illumination panel to shows the time that you spend in your office or workplace, so you could take a time out from work to refresh yourself. Powered by micro USB located at the bottom, alongside the hour and minute regulation buttons, the office clock pot simply becomes a metaphor that represents our personal life through a planter.

[Cheers Luis]

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