GlassDock adds an artistic flare to modern Smartphone docks

GlassDock by Daniel Pratt_01

Created by a hobbyist glass blower Daniel Pratt, the GlassDock is a creative docking station that apart from offering a stable base for your Smartphone also adds an artistic flare to modern mobile phone charging docks. Compatible with almost all Smartphones, including Galaxy, HTC, iPhone and Nokia handsets, the customizable dock features an innovative design to boost the sound of internal speakers, thanks to better acoustical setting.

Considering the fact that glass doesn’t absorb sound waves but bounces them back to the listener, the glass dock amplifies the sound to ensure better acoustics. Designed to be used with a standard Smartphone case, the GlassDock can be produced in multiple colors to match you handset as well as the interior of your space.

Via: Kickstarter

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