Prism speaker doubles as radio and triples as clock

Prism speaker by Joe Doucet_06

Utility gadgets always come handy in compact spaces, for they not only remove clutter of different devices from your table or shelf but also consume less energy. Prism speaker by Joe Doucet is an identical gadget that doubles as radio and triples as clock to cater multiple needs of the user. Developed in collaboration with the venerable French producer of design, Lexon, the multifunctional gadget looks like a cube sinking into the surface that becomes the base of the speaker.

Incorporating latest technology, including touch controls, the Prism speaker not only produces quality sound and looks elegant, but also enhances the experience of the user. Apart from the 10 cm clock/radio/MP3 player, the product series also includes an 8cm rechargeable wireless speaker and a 6 cm alarm clock.

Via: Designboom


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