Cell Lock-Up literally imprisons your cellphone to enjoy peaceful moments


How often your mobile phone rings up when you are busy in an important meeting, having lunch/dinner or enjoying sound sleep, and feel like banging it on the floor? If this happens quite frequently, here is an innovative product named the “Cell Lock-Up” that as the name suggests literally locks up (or disconnects) your cellphone to spare some peaceful moments and enjoy a quality time with family and friends.

Featuring a timer to disconnect your mobile handset for a selected time period, the cellphone cage triggers a buzzer in case someone tries to remove it before designated duration. Capable of holding holds up to six cell phones simultaneously, the Cell Lock-Up provides an opening in the back to let in your charging cords to juice up your mobile phones. Powered by two AAA batteries (included), the Cell Lock-Up is available for $20.


Via: Treehugger


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