Giro Combyn snow sports helmet retains its original shape after every impact

Soft-Shell Helmet_01

Regular helmets may reduce the impact of a bash but they don’t provide complete protection to the wearer during major accidents or a head bang. Providing complete protection to snow sports persons  Giro has come up with a new helmet concept dubbed the “Combyn” that features a soft shell to take the blows repeatedly and reduce the impact of a blow by huge margin.

Designed to take multiple impacts while, the soft-shell helmet bounces back with every hit to provide a high level of protection to extreme sports participants. Made using Vinyl Nitrile, a patent-pending liner finished with foam, the Combyn Helmet bends with the impact and retains its original shape so it could be used time and again. Just ideal for park and pipe riding, the Giro Combyn snow-sports helmet will be unveiled at the SIA show in Denver this week and retail for $120 by this August.

Soft-Shell Helmet

Via: Gearjunkie

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