Magnetic Organization System to manage cables gracefully on your desk

Magnetic Organization System

Wires connecting our gadgets or devices usually create a mess on our workstations, or walls for that matter, which not only look ugly but also hamper our work flow at times. Check out the “Magnetic Organization System” (MOS) that organizes all the wires around the table to keep your workspace clean and tidy. All you need to do is deposit the end of your cable on the MOS that magnetically holds the wire in a corner, or wherever you want to keep them, when not being used. If you feel like connecting a gadget, you can simply pull the wire from the cable organizer without wasting any time. As simple as that!

The MOS comes built-in with micro-suction padding and stick to your desk firmly without any tape or glue, and if you wish to affix it to a wall, you can simply remove it without leaving any mark on the table. The trendy cable organizer mounts on the wall, with an included mounting circle, tightly as well. Integrating multiple magnets with just perfect pull force to hold your cables, the MOS grasps almost all type of wires neatly and elegantly.

A few cables that don’t work with the magnetic field could be wrapped around three magnetic cables already integrated to the MOS. Featuring the body finished in plastic, the MOS is available for $30 in Black and White color options, while the hard anodized aluminum version of the cable organizer will set you back around $40.

Via: Bitemyapple


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