Flash Communicator interprets verbal commands into Morse code

Flash Communicator_01

The natural disasters block almost all the means of communication, especially in remote areas, and left victims stranded, battling with their destiny. Addressing the issue designer Kim Minsoon has come up with a communication device called the “Flash Communicator” that translates your verbal commands into Morse code, Visible Light Communication (VLC) transmitter, in real-time, so the victims could receive an immediate help from the rescue team.

Featuring a microphone that the user can trigger with a communication button to send verbal messages to the rescue team, the utility communication device becomes a regular flash light to attract the attention of rescue personals. After changing the voice into light in Morse code, the Visible Light Communication transmitter sends the message to other VLC receiver capable recognizing the light, which further translates the light code into verbal massage to pass on the massage to the rescue team. Featuring a compact and simple design, the Flash Communicator is easy to carry and use during critical situations.

Via: Tuvie


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