DIY 3D printer uses rapid prototyping system to reproduce itself

DIY 3D Printer

You may have seen some of the most creative 3D printers in the past, but what about 3D printer which is not only cost effective but also can produce its own parts for easy reproduction. Developed by French designer Pierre Paslier, the Longboat Reprap is an identical DIY printer makes use of an open source rapid prototyping system so it could be replicated with ease.

Gathering printed parts from another Reprap user, Pierre started working on the 3D printer project wherein he got an opportunity to get familiar with Ardiuno and G Code machining. Based on the Reprap, a low cost open source rapid prototyping system that can produce its own parts and can be replicated with ease, the 3D printer makes use of Fused Filament Fabrication technology to print 3D images. Though we don’t have much info on detailed specifications of the DIY project, but you can check out the working process of the printer in the following video.

[Cheers Pierre]

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