Audojo iPad Case offers better controls to avid gamers

Audojo iPad Case for Games_01

You may download and play different games on your iPad, but you cannot perform as good on the touchscreen as you can do with physical controls or a joystick. Addressing the problem, Audojo has launched an iPad gaming case, on Kickstarter, which apart from protecting your iPad also ensures better performance with ergonomic physical controls. Compatible with iPad 2 and other newer versions, the Audojo iPad Case comes with a couple of analog joysticks, two shoulder buttons and stereo speakers to enhance your gaming experience.

Shunning Bluetooth for a low-latency microphone-based interface, the new iPad Case slides open to safely lodge your iPad with minimum fuss. Once the iPad is nestled safely within, the gaming case mechanically hooks up to the tablet through the standard 3.5 mm audio jack. With Audojo iPad Case, now you’ll be able to enjoy first person shooters, flight sims and sports games more than ever before on your tablet.


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