iPhone Viewfinder transforms your Smartphone into a quality camera

iPhone Viewfinder_05

Smartphones with enhanced camera may have replacing portable digital cameras, but mobile phones can’t match some of the key features, such as optical viewfinder with an LCD screen to view pictures even in bright sunlight, of quality compact cameras. Adding the efficiency of a DSLR or high quality portable cameras to your iPhone, the Daylight Viewfinder is an extendable eyepiece that uses a smart screw-on suction pad to vacuum itself to the iPhone temporarily without leaving any scratches on the display.

All you need to do is download the free Daylight Viewfinder app that minimizes the onscreen image to get the whole view and attach the eyepiece to your iPhone to capture picture perfect images. Apart from iPhone, the Daylight Viewfinder is compatible with the iPad and iPod touch as well. Priced at $30, the Daylight Viewfinder can be purchased either on Photojojo or its personal website.

Via:  Gizmag


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