Marco, smart digital pet for the absentminded

Marco – Cleverest Digital Pet_04

Getting late for office, but not able to find your car keys and mobile phone that you placed somewhere last evening. Check out the smart digital pet, called the “Marco,” by Mac Funamizu that remembers the location of different objects and search for lost items within the room for its owner. All you need to do is ask the digital pet, it simply sniffs and points out the location of the object with built-in laser pointer.

In addition, Marco moves his body to express itself and makes you aware of alerts and notifications, such as an email, important meeting or even an emergency, according to the type and importance of the task. Capable of recognizing your simple gestures and voice commands, the digital pet cam make smooth movements at 360 degrees with an incorporated self-balancing system.

Moreover, Marco sees you off and welcomes anxiously, when you leave or enter the home after a long time. When you are away from home for a longer period, you can connect Marco to your Smartphone and see what’s going around in your absence. Plus, it can answer your verbal questions to make sure everything is perfect.

You can customize the digital pet and download different apps, like hip hop dance, little puppy tricks, snake movements and more, to make it behave according to your needs and likings. Last but not the least, you can control Marco with both remote and hand gestures with ease. You cannot ask for more from a digital device. With Marco, now you need not to connect every item to the internet.

[Cheers Mac]


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