Hand Strap case to keep your iPhone safely in your hand

Hand Strap iPhone case_04

How often your mobile phone slips from your hand while taking it out from the case, resulting in scratches or broken screen? Check out the Hand Strap case that comes integrated with an elastic strap to holds your iPhone safely and comfortably while making or receiving a call. No matter if you are moving around the subway, traveling by bus/ train or lying in bed, the ergonomically designed case keeps your iPhone intact in your palm.

Apart from keeping your iPhone carefully in your hand, the Hand Strap case allows internet browsing, texting or emailing on the go and that too with just with one hand. Featuring a soft inner side which is comfortable to fingers, the Hand Strap case also includes 0.2 mm thick frame to provide full protection to the screen even when you are not using the strap system. Available in four colors, i.e. rose, blue, orange and black, the new iPhone case is not only safe and ergonomic but also trendy for modern users.

Via: Senredesign

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