Huge working iPhone installed in Russia to commemorate Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Memorial in Russia_01

Steve Jobs, late tech innovator and Apple co-founder, is a familiar name in the tech world. Commemorating the creative works of the tech tycoon, an interactive memorial derived from an iPhone 5 has been installed in St. Petersburg. Featuring a working screen, the black monument displays some of the important moments in Jobs’ life, together with his inspirational speeches as Apple CEO, in a slideshow.

Installed in the courtyard of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, the huge monument integrates a QR code on the back that visitors can scan with their Smartphone to go through a website dedicate to Steve Jobs. Developed as a part of a local competition, held by the Progress IT Fund, to honor Jobs and promote St. Petersburg as a rising tech hub, the hi-tech monument, dubbed “Sunny QR Code” by its creator, is a true tribute to late tech tycoon.

Steve Jobs Memorial in Russia

Via: RianDvice

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