Glowing ice cubes send alerts to avoid alcohol induced blackout, Cheers!

alcohol-aware glowing ice cubes

People usually keep drinking during overnight parties and go beyond the safety limit until they experience an alcohol induced blackout and finally admitted to the hospital to bring them back to the normal condition. Providing an ingenious solution to avoid the over consumption of alcohol, designer and engineer Dhairya Dand has come up with alcohol-aware glowing ice cubes that beat to the ambient music and alert boozed up guests as soon as they get closer to the safety limit.

Made using a coin cell battery, LEDs, ATtiny microcontroller and IR transceiver, the edible ice cube keep changing its color with each drink. The ice cube beats green on first drink, orange on second and red on third. And if you don’t stop even after the third drink, the glowing cubes send a text message to your close friend using your Smartphone, so he/she could bail you out before things get out of control.

Via: Hackaday

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