CES 2013: iPotty, a potty with an iPad stand to keep kids engaged

iPotty iPad stand_01

Toilet training of kids is possibly the most demanding task, for parents usually struggle to convince toddlers to sit on the potty for a longer period when responding to the call of nature. Providing a solution, CTA Digital has developed a potty dubbed “iPotty” that as the name suggests integrates an iPad stand to keep kids engaged while relieving themselves. Now parents can take a sigh of relief, as kids can watch videos or play games to give proper time to their morning rituals.

Displayed at Consumer Electronics Show 2013, the plastic training toilet comes with a built-in splashguard to protect the screen of expensive tablet. The iPotty also includes a seat cover to become a regular chair for kids, when not in use as potty. Priced at $40, the colorful potty cum iPad stand will be available by next month.

Via: Cnet

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