CES 2013: Transforms your Smartphone into a desk phone with AudiOffice


With mobile phone industry growing leaps and bounds, desk phones are fast becoming a thing of past. Giving a new life to the desk phones, French tech firm invoxia has come up with a unique communication device called the “AudiOffice” that integrates a phone dock for your iOS or Android phones to utilize the features of a Smartphone. All you need to do is attached your iOS or Android Smartphone to the dock, as soon as you receive a call, and enjoy the chatter in a more conventional manner.

In addition, you can connect your handset with the desk phone via Bluetooth, and you can dock your tablet physically to the AudiOffice through an integrated cradle. Integrating four microphones and six speakers to attend calls hands-free, as well as conference calls, with crisp sound in comparison to mobile handsets, the new desk phone connects to a PC to let the user record conversations and play music as well. Priced at $299, the AudiOffice is currently on display at CES 2013.


Via: Gizmag

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