CES 2013: Unu is an Android tablet, gaming console, smart TV and more

Unu Android tablet

Comprising a gaming console, Android tablet and Smart TV, the UNU from gaming peripheral manufacturer Snakebyte is an all-in-one gadget that lets the user enjoy video games like other gaming consoles, but on the go. Showcased at the CES 2013, the one-of-a-kind device also includes a docking station, full QWERTY keyboard and an air mouse to allow better controls.

To enjoy an absorbing gaming session, all you need to do is hook up a wireless game controller that turn the touchscreen tablet into a gaming console. In addition, you can plug the tablet into an HDTV, using the dock, to enjoy games on a big screen. Moreover, users can enjoy games without native controller support, courtesy an integrated button mapping app. In short, the UNU is “the entertainment center of tomorrow.”

Via: Liliputing

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