CES 2013: Belkin Thunderstorm turns your iPad into a handheld home theater

Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater

What more do you expect from an iPad case, apart from protecting your tablet from scratches and bumps. May be turning the iPad into a home theater! Yes you got it right; Belkin has popped up with a speaker case that turns your iPad into a “Handheld Home Theater,” as the company calls it.  Featuring front-facing speakers powered by Audifi with an application to control different properties of the sound, the new iPad case produces good acoustics for home use.

Presenting an exclusive design with integrated air channels to ensure better airflow for thumping bass, the Thunderstorm comes with magnetically attached folding soft cover with multiple stand configurations to allow different viewing angles. The only downsides of the iPad speaker case are its weight, which makes it little bulky to transport or move around, plus it requires an external power supply for charging. Priced priced at $200, the Belkin Thunderstorm is currently on display at CES 2013.

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