CES 2013: Nessie adaptive USB mic to eliminate flaws in real time

Nessie USB Mic

Don’t have enough finances to record your music in a studio, check out the Blue Microphones’ affordable USB microphone dubbed the “Nessie” that comes with a built-in pop-filter that adjusts in real time. Featuring a 3.5mm jack on top of the three position mode switch, the adaptive mic employs professional studio processing, like EQ and level control, to remove unnecessary sounds from the track.

Offering three recording modes to produce quality sound and amplify minute details of instruments, the USB microphone can be used with both Mac and PC without the need of additional drivers. In addition, Nessie works with an iPad through Apple’s camera adapters, while the raw audio option allows post-production editing. Moreover, users can monitor the productivity with a zero-latency headphone.

Via: Laptopmag

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