CES 2013: Pulse Bluetooth Speaker hooks to phone for quality sound on the go

Felt Audio Pulse Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers for your compact devices, such as Smartphone and portable music player, are often bigger than the devices which are not too convenient for the users on the go. Check out the Felt Audio’s latest Pulse Bluetooth Speaker that not only connects to your device wirelessly to allow clutter free music, but also hooks to your Smartphone for the ease of use on the move. Connecting to your device in less than five seconds, the portable speaker allows nonstop music for four hours on a single charge.

Offering intuitive controls, the Pulse Bluetooth Speaker lets you handle calls and change volume with side buttons. Charging via micro-USB, the compact speaker also features a rear clip that doubles as a stand to pop it up to attend conference calls.  The Pulse also includes an omnidirectional mic to take/make hands-free calls. Priced at $99, the rechargeable speaker will be available in April.

Felt Audio Pulse Bluetooth Speaker_01


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