CES 2013: Canopy Sensus case adds touch sensitivity to your iPhone

Canopy Sensus case_01

You may have seen and used some of the most stylish and functional iPhone cases in the past, but the latest touch-sensitive case from Canopy is sure to attract the attention. Dubbed “Sensus,” the new iPhone case lets the user interact with apps on both the right and back edges, thanks to multi-touch surfaces. Looking like a regular iPhone case, the Sensus lets you touch and swipe both sides, so you could interact with different apps and games with ease.

Drawing power from charging port of your phone, the touch sensitive case comes with built-in processor.  Featuring a camera app that lets you control entirely by tapping on the side of the phone, the smart case would also let blind users respond to audio texts using a six-fingertip touch interface. All they need to do is hold the iPhone in landscape mode and write in Braille using the side and back surfaces. Priced under $100, the Sensus case is expected to reach the market by this summer.

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