CES 2013: Trakdot keeps your luggage protected throughout the travel


People at times lose their suitcase in the airplane, esp. when there are various stops along the way, or while checking in and out of the airport. Providing a solution, GlobaTrac has come up with a creative luggage safety device called the “Trakdot” that lets the user keep track of his/her suitcase while traveling. Placed in the luggage, the compact device reports its location in real time and sends SMS to your Smartphone.

In addition, users can get the location of their suitcase via email. Moreover, you can tack the location of the baggage on Trakdot’s website and with its free application. It also alerts the user as soon as the suitcase arrives on the baggage carousel. You can connect the Trakdot to several Smartphones to keep the track of your luggage. Priced about $50, the Trakdot is expected to reach the market by the end of the first quarter of 2013. You will have to spend additional $8.99 for activation and $12.99 annual service free as well.

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