Sneaker Speaker gives vent to your oozing spirit

Wireless technology has not only make gadgets portable but it has also allowed users to wear their gadgets like a fashion accessory. Making wireless gadgets more stylish and trendier, New York studio Ray Kingston Inc. has come up with a wireless speaker called the “Sneaker Speaker” that the user can wear over his/her sneaker. Designed to tie on your ankle with one or two straps so it could move in different positions with ease, the “Sneaker Speaker” runs on battery and attached to other electronic devices like cellphones and iPads via Bluetooth.

In case, you don’t want to wear it on your sneaker, the wireless speaker includes an AC input to connect it using a stereo jack. Combining street art with latest trends, the battery-powered speaker gives vent to the enthralling spirit of the modern youth.

Via: Dezeen

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