Touch-Sensitive Leather Gloves blend form with function

Handcrafted from Ethiopian lambskin, known for “the best isolation properties of leather,” the latest touch-sensitive leather gloves from the Dutch accessory outfit Mujjo lets you control your gadgets without removing them in winters. Allowing users to control their touchscreen with ease, the new leather gloves are not just functional but also hot and trendy to keep their hands warm with an inner lining of soft wool in winters.

Gaining conductivity via some sort of vague nanotechnology, the windproof and waterproof gloves comes with a wrist strap, to be fastened on one of two built-in studs, according to the wrist size of the user. The touch-sensitive leather gloves are available in four sizes for €129.95 (around $170) that you can pre-order on the Mujjo.

Via: Fastcodesign

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