AudioEase alters acoustic environment to heal heart patients

In far off areas, patients need to be moved quite long due to the lack of appropriate medical facilities, which often becomes stressful for serious patients, especially suffering from heart diseases. To move the patient safely to the hospital in remote areas, Danish designer Rikke Knutzen has developed a sound device called the “AudioEase” that as the name suggests reduce anxiety and stress to calm the nerves by altering the sound environment around the patient.

The new med gadget not only reduces the noise but also produces a soothing music with healing effects, MusiCure, to relax the nerves and increase the survival rate for the patients to a large extent. Created in collaboration with Danish paramedic company Falck, nurses and doctors after an extensive research, the AudioEase can be attached to the seat belt of the patient in the ambulance, where it can also be charged to keep it running during emergencies.

Via: Rikke Knutzen

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