Will.i.am launches worst iPhone accessory ever

The “foto.sosho” is possibly one of the best examples of how awful an iPhone accessory could get, especially when it’s being produced by a musician. Developed by i.am+, a tech venture by music star Will.i.am, the new camera accessory is claimed to turn your iPhone’s 8-megapixel camera into a 14-megapixeler at the cost of an ugly, bulky fashion accessory that you’ll have to hang around your neck all the time.

Though, the latest iPhone accessory includes its own sensor, interchangeable lenses, slide-out keyboard and an app to make sharing and tagging photos easier. The foto.sosho will be available in two versions, i.e. Modern Look C.4 for $320 and Vintage Look V.4 for $475, in the first week of December.

Via: Telegraph

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