Shellphone Loudspeaker amplifies sound of your phone in a natural way

Designed to expand your phones’ musical capabilities, the “Shellphone Loudspeaker” from WAAM Industries, a new collaborative design effort between Andrew Vomhof and Karl Zinsmaster, is an artistic speaker that other than amplifying the sound of your Smartphone also gives a natural look to your space. Based on the principle of cupping the hand around a speaker to direct and amplify its sound, the scrupulous loudspeaker presents a functional and elegant form to attract the attention.

Using the Whelk shell, a native species of the North Atlantic coast harvested for food, as a base material that is further shaped, custom fitted and cut with hands to receive your mobile phone, each Shellphone Loudspeaker features an exclusive craftsmanship to entice the buyers with its unique form.

Via: Kickstarter

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