Meet the world’s biggest Lego ship, Battleship Yamato

Yamato, the chief vessel of the Yamato class of battleships that served the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II has surfaced again in the shape of a LEGO sculpture. Dubbed as Battleship Yamato, the 1:40 scale, LEGO model is about 22 feet long and utilizes 200,000 Lego pieces through its creation. Japanese Lego builder Jumpei Mitsui has put in more than six long years of patience and hardwork to bring the gargantuan to life.

While the original battleship had a displacement weight of 72,800 tons, the LEGO sculpture weighs 330 pounds only. Now, creating the world’s biggest at this minifig scale is an amazing task for sure. What do you say?

Via: DesignYouTrust

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