Instagram colored glasses with integrated camera, Instagram filters

Instagram has been quite a hit among users of all ages for its photo-sharing capabilities that allow them to speak through images they click on the move. Now, making this app more enjoyable for all Instagram fans, a German industrial designer Markus Gerke has conceived rose-colored glasses, dubbed as Instaglasses. The concept glasses allow users to take photos through an integrated camera that complies with Instagram filters.

When a user sees an Instagram-worthy scene, what he needs to do is activate the camera by clicking a button neatly placed between both lenses. It displays filtered images in the lenses. Next, by using the buttons on one of the arms, the user may select various filters. After toggling through these filters, user can apply the appropriate one to the scene and press the Insta button to trip the shutter.

The Berlin-based designer, however, has no plans to bring his concept to life anytime soon. He says…

I don’t want to make money with it. I only want to show, how it could look like.

Via: Forbes

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