3 Reasons to Install Apple CarPlay in Your Vehicle

Reasons to Install Apple CarPlay in Your Vehicle

Love listening to music in your car? Looking for a way to improve your listening experience while giving your car a modern upgrade? Consider getting an Apple CarPlay device installed, which allows you to play your favorite music and more directly from your iPhone via Bluetooth. Getting CarPlay installed in an older or previously incompatible vehicle can be pricey, but many vehicle owners consider the cost to be worth it. A CarPlay compatible device from a third-party retailer can cost anywhere from around $200-600, plus the cost of labor from a professional if you are unable to install the device yourself (which is not recommended, unless you are fairly experienced in working on cars). If you’re still on the fence, here are just a few reasons why CarPlay might be a worthwhile investment for your vehicle.

1.  Stream Music With Ease

Without a doubt, the music popular CarPlay feature is accessing your favorite music streaming platforms via Bluetooth. Play your favorite songs, listen to podcasts, and access your own playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, and more major streaming platforms with ease, eliminating the need for a traditional aux chord. You will also be able to see what you are listening to and queue songs while driving on the device’s reasonably sized screen, making the overall music streaming experience easier than ever.

2.  Voice Control Capabilities

CarPlay users can enjoy distraction-free driving with Siri voice control, which allows drivers to get information such as directions to thrivemdclinic.com without having to look at their devices. CarPlay offers a sense of safety for drivers who want to play music, get directions, or make calls on the road. You can also use Siri to open certain apps – want to order coffee for pickup at Starbucks or set a reminder for yourself to pick up something at the store? These things and more are easier than ever with Siri-compatible CarPlay.

3.  Upgrade Your Vehicle

CarPlay is not just a helpful device that effectively serves a functional purpose – it is also a sleek device that can add an immediate modernized upgrade to any vehicle. Tired of your old vehicle’s outdated interior and hardly-working stereo system? Install CarPlay! It will instantly make your vehicle look more up-to-date while improving the functionality of your audio and sound system, adding value to your car.

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