Connect Your Business Line to Your Smartphone with a Cloud-Based Phone System

As your business continues to evolve and grow over time, you need services that can quickly adapt to your needs. To maintain this flexibility, one of the best communication solutions is using a cloud-based phone system or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network.

In this article, we’ll explain how cloud phones operate and why you should connect your business line to one using your smartphone.

What Is a Cloud-Based Phone System?

First, we need to understand “cloud-based.” The cloud refers to software, services, and applications that run in a remote location on the internet as opposed to using physical hardware and equipment housed in your office.

You’re likely already familiar with cloud services like Google Drive or Microsoft 360. Since they’re connected to the internet and located on the provider’s servers, you can access the files and data stored on them from anywhere in the world.

So what is a cloud-based phone system, then? Simply put, it’s a VoIP phone line that uses cloud technology to function and operate and allows you to send and receive calls from anywhere, using the internet.

This solution has many benefits, including:

  • Low startup costs and easy to set up
  • No need for an on-site IT team
  • Simple to scale up (or down) as needed
  • Stable and reliable

Let’s take a little more in-depth look at these benefits. 

Why You Need to Connect Your Business Line with a Cloud-Based Phone System

Now that you understand more about what a cloud-based phone system is let’s go over how it can be an asset to your team and your business: 

1. Easy to Setup with Low Entry Costs

Installing hard lines and traditional telephony systems can be expensive, cumbersome, and time-consuming. Cloud phones, on the other hand, are simpler to set up as they only require downloading software to your phone or computer. The only hardware that might be necessary is a mic and headset.

They’re also affordable, and you can often find cloud phone services to fit your budget. As an added bonus, many companies offer a free VoIP trial.

2. You Don’t Need an In-House Tech Team

Your service provider will take care of all of the maintenance and repairs that need to happen should any problems occur. This coverage allows you and your team to focus on the important tasks needed to help your business grow.

3. You Can Scale Up and Down as Needed

Another great benefit of using a cloud-based phone is its scalability. With just a few clicks of a button, you can add and remove lines as you need them. Using a traditional phone system, you’d be locked into service contracts for all of those lines, even when call volume is low.

4. More Stability and Reliability with Cloud Phones

Having a hardwire to your office leaves it susceptible to outages due to weather or other incidents. Cloud phones, however, are more reliable. If something happens to your phone or computer, you can simply log in on another device and keep the calls coming.

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