3 Simple Ways to Conserve Data

Simple Ways to Conserve Data

Thanks to recent technological advances, it is possible to access the internet on the go like never before. With current access to data through their wireless providers, smartphone users can keep up with social media, stream music, and watch TV from anywhere. Unfortunately, most people do not have access to unlimited data, so it can run out pretty quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than being halfway through a road trip and getting a text from your service provider that you have reached your data limit for the month! Whether you’re headed to Wisconsin for a procedure at Northwest Surgery Center or just want to stream music on your daily commute, having access to data is important! Here are a few simple ways to conserve data, so you will never again be charged for over usage or be left unable to use your phone on the go.

1.  Don’t Download Anything Without Wifi

WiFiDownloading anything – whether it’s apps, shows, music, etc. – when you aren’t on Wifi eats away at your data. If your phone asks you to download anything when you aren’t actively connected to Wifi, be sure to say no! This might seem small, but it will make a huge difference in your data over time. If you want to stream music or videos, download them to watch offline while you are connected to Wifi.

2.  Close Out of Apps You Aren’t Actively Using

Many people have a habit of leaving apps open after they’re done using them. If you fall into this category, stop it! Leaving apps running in the background is something you might not even notice, but it uses a ton of data. Be sure to swipe up and completely close out of apps when you exit them!

3.  Use Maps Offline

Offline mapsIf you’re on the go and using Apple or Google Maps to help you navigate your surroundings, you are likely unknowingly using up over half of your monthly data just by seeking directions. In the future, turn data off for your map app and get directions in advance, when Wifi is available. Screenshot turn by turn directions (or write them down), and arrive safely at your destination without using any precious data.

Conserving data can be difficult, but it is not impossible! If these tips don’t help, you might talk with your wireless service provider about upgrading your data plan. It might be costly, but if you are constantly going over your monthly limit and spending more money, it could be worth it in the long run.

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