8 Best Mp3 players to buy in 2019

AGPTEK A26 8GB Bluetooth Mp3 player

There is nothing quite like music after a hard day of work. It is one of the best stress relievers and healers of the mind. In today’s times of technological advancement music is readily available in so many forms. However Mp3 players are one of the finest gadgets to tune into for some blissful hours of music. The options in the market are plenty to pick from and it is thus important for you as a user to pick the one most suited to you. In this article thus we will tell you about the best of Mp3 player that you can choose for yourself or for your loved ones. These can also be regarded as the best alternative to iPod and will make for a great purchase.

List of Mp3 player

  1. AGPtEK M2OS:


    Although this brand is a relatively new one in the markets, when it comes to low cost Mp3 players this has been an impressive product. Neither is it too big to occupy much space and nor is it too feeble due to its metal built. One of the best features of this Mp3 player is how it can support most kinds of audio formats like the WMA, OGG, Mp3, WAV, FLAC etc. Also the battery power is commendable for the low price range and only two hours of charging is good enough for fourteen hours of music. The 8GB memory which can be expanded to 64GB offers enough space for a decent collection of music and the fact that it supports around 20 different languages makes it a popular Mp3 player all over the world.

  2. Apple iPod Shuffle 4th GEN:

    Apple iPod Shuffle 4th GEN

    This is one of the vintage apple products. It is a nice retro Mp3 player to have. Even without the display and the fact that the music selection is restricted, it makes for the best deal because of its excellent sound quality. The Voice over will be informing you about the battery or the artist and song name. The aluminum making of this device makes it a strong and sturdy one to have and for the price range at which you can own it, it will be quite a handful Mp3 product.

  3. Cowon Plenue D High Resolution Music Player:

    Cowon Plenue D High Resolution Music PlayerAt the price of $191 in Amazon this Mp3 player is quite a treat and is our pick when it comes to one of the best sound qualities in business. The high definition sound is akin to the studio quality and due to its small and light built it is also among the best of portable music player in the markets. The touch display with around hundred hours of playback capacity combined with 32GB internal memory and scope for a separate memory card makes this one of the best devices to own.

  4. AGPTEK A26 8GB Bluetooth Mp3 player:

    AGPTEK A26 8GB Bluetooth Mp3 player
    Fitness freaks also crave for some music on the go and this is just the right device for them to own. The built in clip with this device helps you to attach it to your clothes while you are on a regular run or jog. The small size and light weight of this device makes this an attractive Mp3 player to buy. It has a memory of 8GB which can be expanded to 64GB via a memory card. If you can get your hands on a Bluetooth headphone you will be able to enjoy this device to its fullest.

  5. Sony NEW 395:

    Sony NEW 395
    The battery life on this device is easily among the best among all others in the market as it offers around 35 hours of audio uninterrupted. If you are someone who frequently goes for a long journey this will come in handy and with its 16GB memory the stock of music will never fall short. At just $78 it is a fine alternative to iPod. The dynamic normalizer in this device means that you will never complain about the music quality. The systems of easy content transfer also make it among the easiest to use Mp3 player.

  6. Valoin Mp3 player with lossless sound:

    Valoin Mp3 player with lossless sound
    Since the little nuances of recording are not lost when you pick a lossless Mp3 player it provides you a whole new musical experience with the right kind of earphone. While the other lossless Mp3 products are not so easy on the pockets this one is a cheaper and yet a good quality alternative. The 8GB memory can be extended to a 128GB and even from a distance of ten meters the Bluetooth of this device can transmit.

Final words

When you have a portable music player you can listen to your favorite music even on the go. With these products we just told you about you will have the best deal in the market. Use these and you will thank us later.

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