9 – Best products from CES- 2019 that work with Amazon Alexa

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This year is a massive year for announcements at CES- 2019 for Google assistant. Amazon Alexa is contributing its fair share in all the integrations, often debuting through similar product. There is much integration with Alex and the best way of covering them comprehensively is a big roundup.

Below here are the Alexa integrations which are compatible with Google assistant which were spotted at CES- 2019.

Smart home products at CES- 2019

  1. ADT:

    ADTImage Source : zionssecurity.com

    ADT is a security firm that launched a few new connected smart home products here are CES- 2019. It is a new app along with a tablet of 7- inch command panel which is compatible with Google assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. The existing family of sensors and cameras of ADT could be brought into use with the system for creating a security network for home which could be automated easily using geofencing along with voice and pop controls. Pricing has not been set yet, but the product is expected to be available within first three months of 2019.
  2. Archos:

    ArchosRather than incorporating Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in the products, this French technical company is taking much of an either/ or scheme. While the hello smart displays could feature only Google assistant, the budget mate smart displays only Alexa. The mate has a full- HD display of 5 and 7 inches and is mainly designed for households in accordance with the Amazon system which regularly makes use of applications like Audible and Amazon Prime video. 5 and 7 mate is expected to be available within the 1st quarter of 2019 at a price of $129 and $149 nearly.

  3. Cavalier:

    CavalierThe Maverick from Cavalier was known to be an attractive and elegant speaker when first came into the market last year. Now the company has bought some smart home products enabled with Alexa which largely features LED clock displays and is aesthetically pleasing as its predecessor was. The stereo speaker comes in 20W which features a wireless Qi charging pad to provide extra utility. The new product is not yet shown at the company’s website but is expected to arrive shortly at a price of $300.

  4. Daikin:

    Another unusual product with Alexa integration to arrive at CES- 2019 was Dakin one+, which controls the smart HVAC inverter system of Daikin and is a smart thermostat. The basic idea behind the product is to visualise air into the homes and track down the quality of air and temperature system through an indoor ecosystem of air quality, in addition with other smart and typical thermostat functions. The availability and pricing details haven’t been revealed by the company yet regarding its thermostat which supports Google assistant as well.

  5. D- Link:

    D- LinkD- link’s mesh and Alexa/ Google assistant enabled extenders and Exo routers series are really alien looking, build to get a dependable speed. To appeal to the gaming market, this Exo router has a dual core processor of 880 MHz and its auto healing feature comes into play when any one of the node inside the mesh fails. No pricing details are revealed yet, but are expected to come within the first three months of 2019. Also D- link has announced new outdoor and indoor smart plugs for Wi-Fi which does not have any price tag, but is expected to come within 2nd quarter of 2019.

  6.  DUX:


    DUX is a luxury bedmaker from Sweden which has manufactured bed with an in- built Alexa. This integration is a result of partnership along with stelle- a smart speaker company with a simple idea of installing smart speakers in your bed, through which temperature alterations and light dimming or anything else could be done. The bed does not perform any smart function of its own. It is luxury bed with king size mattress and is expected to be launched in the beginning of May 2019.

  7. GE:

    GE has come up with a smart product range this year that comes with new LED lights with full colour range along with smart switches, motion sensors and smart plug. All the products work with Apple’s homekit, Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. The pricing procedure is still under work but is expected to cost in between $40 and $75, whereas the smart plug will cost nearly $25.

  8. Gourmia:

    Gourmia is kitchen appliance maker who have made several new appliances that are capable to be controlled trough Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. The devices showcased at CES- 2019 include: 10 cup coffee grinder maker, 11 in 1 delux multicooker and 7- quart digital air fryer.

  9. iOttie:

    Image Source : phandroid.com
    This is a mobile accessory company that has now produced a car mount having a built- in Alexa in it. The mount comes with noise cancelling and dual microphones so as to filter out noises while driving. The microphones could be muted anytime.

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