Upcoming PS4/XBox games for 2019 and beyond

Devil May Cry 5

We are about to see the end of 2018. Plenty of games released this year, many of them are waiting to release in the next year and well beyond that. We have stacked a list of upcoming ps4 games that are rostered for 2019 and after years. We are already excited about most of the games on this list. Are you curious to know what the gaming developers have for the future? Read on.

  1. AnthemBioWareAnthemBioWareAnthemBioWare’s  most ambitious title Anthem focuses on heavily armed shooters assigned with dangerous missions. You will be playing with other online players, all together on a hostile alien planet and exploring other thrilling reaches of the virtual world. Sounds like Destiny, but there is a change of shared world shooter from BioWare. It is coming soon for us to explore more.Release date: 22nd February 2019
    Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC
  2. BioMutantPoisonous oil is springing from the soil, the world is getting infected from it and everyone will die. Toxic releases have also spread to the Tree of Life that is responsible for life on the virtual planet. You, as a raccoon-like creature, have to save the world by reaching the six roots of this tree, stop the oil release and defeat each muscular boss with heavy weapons.

The whole world will be open to the layers and you have to access items if you want to access the unreachable parts. Are you ready to save the world? We saw the trailer and it looked promising, let us wait for the full game.

Release date: Somewhere in 2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC

  1. Resident Evil 2 Remake Calling
    Resident Evil 2 RemakeCallingIt a remake is kind if disrespectful as the new version is a complete rework of the original Resident Evil 2. Developed with Resident Evil 2 engine it brings new puzzles, environments, scenarios and much more. However, Claire and Leon’s campaigns stay separate just like the original and you will be able to recognize events and places as you play through.Release date: 22nd February 2019
    Platform: PS4
  2. Babylon’s FallPlatinum games recently released the trailer of this fantasy-themed action game wherein you will be playing as a knight with special magical powers.Release date: Somewhere in 2019
    Platforms: PS4, PC
  3. Skull and BonesUbisoftSkull and BonesUbisoft
    Skull and BonesUbisoft knows how we all love big boats and that’s why they will welcome you to this naval game wherein you can take on all your friends with lootable ships. Fire the cannons, steal their gold and take them down to unlock bigger missions. A game with multiplayer feature is worth waiting for in 2019.Release date: Somewhere in 2019
    Platform: PS4
  1. Final Fantasy VII RemakeOne of the best RPG long awaited by all the fans will be seen next year. Square Enix revealed that this will mark the return of the key members that were part of the initial production. It will be released episodically as the developers don’t want to compromise on the story and added environments.Release Date: Somewhere in 2019
    Platforms: PS4
  2. Cyberpunk 2077By CD Projekt Red,
    Cyberpunk 2077By CD ProjektThis is an open world RPG set in distant future. Going to be one of the best RPG that you can expect in coming years. From the trailer, we are expecting endless quests and massive cavalry.Release Date: TBA (As per the trailer: it will be released when its ready)
    Platforms: PS4, PC and Xbox One
  3. ControlYou play as Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, Jesse Faden. Your headquarter is The Old House that changes frequently and looks impossible. You will have the power to use psychic power with guns depending on the environment and situation. For example, you can change pistol to shotgun to sniper using your virtual mind.Release date: Somewhere in 2019
    Platforms: PS4, PC and Xbox One
  4. The Surge 2The Surge 2The game will be set in a destroyed city, so we expect the mission to be bigger and tougher than the previous version. Similarly, the combat will also be more brutal.Release Date: Somewhere in 2019Platforms: PS4, PC and Xbox One
  5. Metro Exodus4A games are developing this destroyed brutal landscape that is looking very colorful. In the new game, you will be traveling around the virtual world on trains, unlike the sewers in the previous Metro version. We will see the return of the low-tech clipboard for quests.Release Date: Somewhere in 2019
    Platform: PS4
  6. Devil May Cry 5Devil May Cry 5Finally, after a long wait, we will see the continuation of the first four Devil May Cry games, It will be the return of the main protagonist, Nero and who will be accompanied by a woman. We do not know the name of that woman yet, but good news, Dante will also be coming back in this latest version.Release Date: March 8, 2019Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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