5 Must-Have Golf Accessories 2018 you need to get today!

Electronic rangefinder for golf courses

Golf, the rich man’s game, is rightly called so. But although this outdoor sport looks more of a pastime than an actual exercise, it is not so. There’s a lot of effort that goes into making a good golf player. With the advent of technology, it is highly imperative that one keep up with the upcoming trends. The same can be said about golf gadgets and accessories too.

In recent times, golf has evolved to a much larger-than-life sport due to the multiple advancements of technology being brought forth into it. Some of the must-have golf accessories 2018 are mentioned below. If you are an ardent fan of golf, it is high time you get these right away!

Ball-finder Scout:Ball-finder Scout

One of the major problems with playing golf is losing the tiny ball. And this problem intensifies if you are playing in a large field or beside a farm. The ball-finder scout, one of the best golf accessories 2018, is capable of scanning a 600 square feet area under 1 second for lost balls of your stray shots.

Unless your ball is completely covered with water or grass, the ball-finder scout must be able to find it. Its camera is powerful enough to locate your ball by displaying its position on the screen in a red bracket. It even has blue lights to help you walk your way leading directly to your lost ball!

Light-up golf ball:

Light-up golf ballImage Source : nightsportsusa.com

This is one of the trendiest and basic must-have golf accessories 2018. It comes in quite handy if you’re playing golf in the dark. Such balls contain a lithium battery and LED lights at their core. This makes the ball blink at the rate of 72 flashes per second.

You need to have golf electronic gadgets such as these to improve your game. With the light-up golf ball, its motivation sensors get activated and light up the moment you swing your ball away. This keeps the ball visible for long. The LED light will keep flashing for 5-6 minutes, giving you enough time to locate the ball and bring it back for another shot.

Club Cleaner:Club Cleaner

Image Source :  i5.walmartimages.com

A clear majority of golf players pay little to no attention to their clubs even after multiple rounds. Sure, the quality of your shot matters the most. But it can be only as good as your club is. Preferably, choose a motorised cleaning brush that makes your job fast and easy.

Invest in a non-abrasive club cleaner with soft brushes to help clean away all that dirt and grime from constant playing. This is a one-time investment of the must-have golf accessories 2018 that will keep your club in shape, thereby improving your game too.

Electronic rangefinder for golf courses:

Electronic rangefinder for golf coursesGolf electronic gadgets have been in use for some time now. But with the latest advancements in this sector, there are plenty of golf rangefinders that have come into being. A good golf rangefinder works either on GPS or laser. It helps you locate the distance and the extent of the golf field.

An electronic rangefinder is currently one of the best golf accessories 2018. With it by your side, your game is bound to step up several notches higher. It will give you a gist of what you can expect from your current game and how to improve it, especially if you are playing on a new field.

Shot making simulator:


Image Source :  images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com

There are a couple of golf gadgets and accessories out there in the market that let you practice your shots indoors. The game runs on a display screen and you hit the ball like you’d do it on the field. Once the game is over, the digital screen will display your performance results in terms of speed, intensity, swing rate etc.

It even gives you tips on how you can improve your performance based on the game you put forth the latest. If you are usually running short of time or cannot practice outdoors due to various reasons, this gadget comes in quite handy. The shot-making simulator also is a major factor in helping you prepare for an event or a big game.

Summing it up:

The above-mentioned must-have golf accessories 2018 will ensure that the quality of your game touches the sky. With these accessories, you can up your game like never before. However, they only help if you are accustomed to playing golf frequently.

These gadgets are meant to uplift your already existing expertise of the game. So, get yourself a couple of these must-have golf accessories 2018, and see your golf game evolving for the best!

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