4 Essential Accessories for Budding Photographers

Budding Photographers

Odds are you’ve noticed that there are a lot of different types of photography accessories out there. However when you’re first starting out and still a budding photographer the fact of the matter is that you don’t really ‘need’ most of them – and may not even be able to take advantage of many.

That being said there are a few essential accessories that are perfect for beginners, and they’re what you should invest in initially:

  • Tripod stand

tripodA tripod stand will let you stabilize your camera so that you don’t have issues with the focus being off because the camera moves or shakes. It is also useful for low-light photographer that often requires longer exposure during which time the camera needs to be kept completely still.

  • Gray card

It may sound odd if you haven’t encountered a gray card in the past, but it is quite literally just a card that is gray in color. It is an essential photography tool however, as it is used in conjunction with the light meter to adjust the exposure of the camera.

Typically gray cards are 18% gray, and are some come in a set that includes black and white cards as well – which will help with white balance.

  • External flash and diffuser

External flash and diffuserThe built-in flash on most cameras tends to be mediocre at best – and even the best of them suffers because they project light directly onto the subject which is normally the last thing you want. Instead of that you should get an external flash that will let you aim the light and give you control over it.

Along with the flash you should get a diffuser – which is essentially a transparent cap that will make the light softer. The diffuser you get needs to be compatible with your flash, which is why you should get both at the same time if possible.

It can take a bit of time to learn how to properly use an external flash – but you should make it a point to do so.

  • Cleaning kit

At all times your camera should be kept completely clean, as even tiny dust specks could ruin your photos. While you could get by with a microfiber cloth, dust blower, and lens pen – it is best to invest in a good kit right from the start.

Be sure to use your cleaning kit, and get into the habit of cleaning your camera regularly.

It should be easy to see that each of the accessories listed above have an important part to play for any photographer. There are some other accessories that you could consider getting hold of – especially spare rechargeable batteries, memory cards, and a good photography bag.

Another important addition (but not technically an ‘accessory’) is a photo editor that you can use to tweak your photos. Initially you may want to focus on a program that is user-friendly, such as Movavi Photo Editor for Mac (https://www.movavi.com/mac-photo-editor/) for example.

By investing in the most essential accessories for budding photographers first and foremost, you’ll be equipping yourself with everything that you need to get started. Later on you can look into other accessories such as lenses and filters, but it is best that you wait until you’re a bit more confident in your photography before deciding what you want to get.

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