Abandon watch to keep up pace with time in post-apocalyptic situation

Designed to keep up the pace with time in a post-apocalyptic situation, the “Abandon” by the South African designer Colby has come up with a unique wristwatch that looks like a stealth fighter jet. Integrating a solar panel, countdown function and LED battery indicator, together with a finder light, the futuristic watch displays minutes/day in digits, while the hours/month are indicated by the outer ring.

Presenting a bold and unconventional design, the revolutionary watch is designed keeping the gen-next users in mind who just want to make a style statement and express themselves with their gadgets and accessories. Featuring the face and strap (with a robotic-spinal flare) finished in aluminum; the stylish watch is not only light in weight but robust in structure.

Via: Tokyoflash

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