Read the Music translates sheet music into sound for visually impaired

Music isn’t everybody’s cup of tea as it requires professional training to read handwritten or printed form of music notation with modern musical symbols to master the art. And going through the sheet music becomes even more difficult for the visually impaired without any special assistance. Providing a solution, American designer Morris Koo has come up with an advanced scanner called “Read the Music” that recognizes optical characters for the blind musicians.

Integrating a lens at the bottom for scanning sheet music and a speaker to turn into sound, the “Read the Music” also features a reference dot to scan various size of sheet music and a metronome function to help the visually impaired learn the rhythm of songs while playing musical instruments, as it produces regular tickling sounds at different settings by marking the music time. So, with “Read the Music” scanning the sheet music is no more a problem even for the visually impaired.

[Cheers Morris]

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