Snowatch helps skiers improve timings at ski races

NY based industrial designer Alex Rekas has visualized a solution to skiers’ agony of not having clocks at ski resorts that could help them improve their timings. After all, it’s not possible to have a clock at the bottom of the mountain since you are never sure where skiers would actually land up. Accordingly, the designer has come up with a concept wristwatch that could be sewn into the fabric of the snow jacket.

Dubbed as Snowatch, the wristwatch features flexible e-ink display, painstakingly sealed to keep it moisture-free. As you don’t normally see life-saving technologies like ROCCO reflectors pre-installed in skiing jackets, the Snowatch has it added on the inside. In order to ensure superior visibility with your goggles on, the concept wristwatch flaunts a large display. Moreover, one can’t overlook the munificent use of waterproof 150D nylon fabric for providing durability and flexibility that could withstand chilly conditions out there.

As the designer puts it, ‘The materials used keep it light weight so you won’t even notice wearing it (but others might).” What you need to do to wear it is slip on the watch sleeve and then, pull the cords to tighten it to your forearm. It’s as simple as that. Moreover, the designer has used Velcro to allow perfect fit across your forearm. Cool design, we must say!

[Cheers, Alex]

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