HIDoc allows users to widen their social network on the move

With the growing use of established social networks in the Web space, it is necessary to go beyond your desk and start using the physical space of the city for staying connected always. Designer Bruno Fosi has conceived a device that aims to remove all physical barriers while helping you connect with your friends on the move. Dubbed as HIDoc, the multifunctional touch device lets users share ‘resources, free of charge and free of wires!’

HIDoc relies on IP technology to establish all sorts of communications. Aside from helping users meet new people, the device will also allow them listen to music and read news on a neat display. Users will especially like HIDoc’s capability of connecting to five social networks simultaneously. Moreover, it ensures that a user’s physical reference, brand preference and geographical location automatically program his likings. Accordingly, the wrist-worn (glued rather using micro suction gel) gadget will have its own dedicated advertising system to display advertisements according to users’ tastes and interests. The communication mode includes visual colorful signals in real time and beep/musical and vibrating signal for alarms or “nudges”.

The extremely easy-to use device uses existing technologies while unifying and simplifying them further, so no learning curve is there. With no buttons and external connectors, the flexible touchscreen device doesn’t require hefty batteries either. The input and output is wireless, including the battery charging which is done through electromagnetic wireless induction while utilizing solar energy and body movement during the day. An online server takes care of storage woes and the operating system required for HIDoc. Preinstalled memory is entirely for settings and system resources.

[Cheers, Bruno Fosi]


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