Joystick-controlled LEGO electric wheelchair is perfectly rideable

Well, you read it perfectly right. A LEGO electric wheelchair – the world’s first functional piece – could actually carry a 198 pounds (90kg) passenger with extreme ease. Created by an iOS programmer and LEGO experimenter Simon Burfield, the joystick-controlled wheelchair does move on any smooth, flat surfaces, on condition that the path it has to tread on has no obstacles as such.

While you would have seen gigantic LEGO sculptures and contraptions, however, to watch one in action is altogether a different experience. Hit the jump to watch the video:

The cool LEGO chair makes use of six Lego Mindstorm NXT motors and 12 Rotocaster multi-directional wheels. A master NXT controls the 6 NXT via turning on/off 4 touch sensors that are connected to joystick. A rider could move it in any directions (forward, back, turn or even strafe left to right); so, you need not to worry about it carrying you along a linear path alone. The perfectly maneuverable chair is programmed in RobotC. The creator intends to add remote control to the prototype soon.

Via: TechCrunch

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