PressureAID: Watertight hearing device for swimmers, water games fans

At the prestigious James Dyson Awards, designers frequently keep suggesting remarkable concepts, which, if realized, could transform the way we execute our daily chores. The PressureAID is one such multipurpose concept hearing device that seeks to blend utility with fashion.

The watertight hearing device is perfect for swimmers and other water games lovers. Aside from providing audio assistance, the In the Ear device prevents water entry to the eardrum when the wearer submerges his head. A simple mechanism causes the external membrane of the device to enlarge in the ear canal, thus creating a waterproof seal to oppose water entry into the canal.

The perfectly custom-fit device ensures that wearers don’t catch any waterborne ear infections. Featuring a minimal design, the PressureAID adds volumes to your stylish persona. The designer conducted several test rigs and simulated experiments to find the most suitable materials and the type of plug for the device. What he finally came up with is a mushroom tire plug.

Accordingly, when the outer pressure on the earplug increases, the internal pressure bubble expands to secure the permeable shell of the hearing aid. A porous plastic shell houses five microphone vents that repel water but allow air and sound to flow in. An adaptive directional microphone picks up external sound waves and transmits them to the circuit boards in the form of electrical energy. A circuit board that works as control panel communicates with internal components and adjusts volume, tone and clarity of the audio signals. Other components include five speakers and two amplifiers.

The seemingly discrete device aptly mixes the modern use of electronic devices with the popular fashion. The nifty device relies on a Li-ion battery for easy charging. Since the device uses inductive charging, users don’t need to remove the battery too often either.

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