Steampunk artists create retro sci-fi art at SoHo’s AFA Gallery

With all sorts of time machines, submarines, airships, musical instruments and lighting installations, the SoHo’s AFA Gallery has nowadays transformed itself into a huge Steampunk arena where you could find no less than 18 artists trying to reinstate that mislaid Victorian charm. Apart from the carvings mentioned in the beginner, you could see Steampunk gadgets lined up at Steampunkinetics to woo the art-lovers. Bruce Rosenbaum, the famous Victoran steampunk enthusiast has been so instrumental in instituting the largest steampunk art exhibition. The artworks displayed at the exhibition dexterously blend retro imagination with modern functionality.

“Steampunkinetics” includes works by Tanya Clarke, Chris Conte, Eric Freitas, Josh Kinsey, Pierre Matter, Chris Osborne, Steve LaRiccia, Bruce Rosenbaum, Mark Eliot Schwabe, Wayne Strattman, Gary Sullivan, Roger Wood, Dale Mathis, Alan Rorie, Doug Meyer, Thomas Truax, Thomas Willeford, Bud Scheffel and Russel Anderson.

Among various steampunk objects, the gizmos that deserve special attention include Tanya Clarke’s Rango Drips, Rosenbaum and Gary Sullivan’s Steampunk Wedding Time Capsule, Russell Anderson’s Remote Effluxion Cloning Apparatus (RECA) and Wayne Strattman’s Mesmer Ion Generator. With recycling forming their core, the Rango Drips are working lighting fixtures that illuminate to perfection while dangling from open faucets. Equally mesmerizing is Steampunk Wedding Time Capsule that intends to keep note of all your mementos across several years. Remote Effluxion Cloning Apparatus (RECA) is a spiral micro installation, while Mesmer Ion Generator is a neon green, light-emitting contraption.

More images in gallery below:

Via: ArtInfo

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