Study apps that medical students must have on their smartphones and PC

Top apps for Medical Students:

One of the toughest jobs around is that of the medical school students; they need to learn in very high stake situations involving life and death on how to treat, diagnose and prevent illness. Smart phones and tablets have come to play a huge part of this learning experience as memorization has always been an integral part of medical learning and teaching process. Modern medical treatment requires references, accurate data access and calculations, which smart phones and tablets can seamlessly provide. Owing to their ability to provide instant access to valuable information as per need of user, smart phones have become an indispensible part of the medicine nowadays. So, we present to you our top picks for study apps for medical students for web Android and iOS.

MedCalc: For iOS – Free with in app purchases.

Medical study requires calculations. They can be simple and highly complex. This is where MedCalc can be of great help. MadCalc is a database comprising of more than 300 scores, scales, formulas and classifications in electrolytes, EBM, renal, anesthesiology, respiratory, pediatrics, obstetrics, neurology and much more. When it comes to quick reference, MedCalc is perfect and it’s absolutely free.

LexiComp: For Android and iOS – Subscription based.

LexiComp is a great start if you are searching for a comprehensive medical app. This app contains database with information on interactions and drugs, dosing, natural products and OTC’s, procedures for labs and diagnostic testing, dental and even toxicology. All the above reference information is contained in this single app, which provides the student structured and seamless access to accurate and precise information on the go. Although this service is subscription based and can be a bit expensive as compared to other apps, however; you can purchase the database access one at a time as well.

Prognosis: For Android and iOS.   

Medical students need to test their skills on timely basis and use the feedback from these tests to improve their skills and abilities when they face similar scenarios in the real world. This is where Prognosis comes into play. Prognosis provides medical students a risk free environment to test their diagnosis, treatment and testing skills. Prognosis uses patient examples from the real world and provides information on patient conditions. This helps students in greatly improving their decision making skills as it’s very crucial in most scenarios encountered by medical professionals. And despite the caricature logo of the app, you can be rest assured that the information contained in this app is completely accurate and medically dependable.

Epocrates: For Android and iOS – Subscription based.      

Over 1 million healthcare professionals use Epocrates on a daily basis. This app is regarded as one of the top notch medical reference apps available in the market today. Epocrates provides reports which save up to 20 mins daily. This app enables you to get consultation on information related to diseases; it allows users to validate interactions of drug use. Through it, you can get information on alternate medicine and guidelines related to it. HIPAA validated secure text messaging service is also integrated into this app.

Brainscape: For Android and iOS – Free.

Brainscape is a flashcard based online system which uses unique repetition technique to increase speed of learning. Brainscape is very useful collaborative tool to study hormones, drugs and diseases or any database related subject. This app is created while partnering with Next Step Test Prep to aid students preparing for MCAT.

Radiology 2.0: For iOS and Web – Free.                 


Medical students tend to spend long hours staring at screens, trying to figure out what they are seeing, while referencing books, as dedicated effort is required to read CT scans correctly. Effective education in Radiology can help and Radiology 2.0 aims to help with this. Case studies are used with extensive discussions which help students learn and understand the meaning behind what they are looking at. Over 7000 images are incorporated in this app with explanation to help medical students understand and interpret CT scans. This app can be termed as a boon for all medical students.

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