Noisy Typer app plays typewriter sounds as you type

You might have forgotten the rattling sound of those mechanical typewriters that some find worth owning even now. For fetching one, you need to explore vintage gadget stores where you could find some of them in dilapidated condition. However, how do you like the idea of installing a free Mac OS X app that adds that nostalgic typewriter sound to your modern Apple device? The free piece of software, dubbed as Noisy Typer, plays typewriter sounds as you type.

The open source software, developed by Theo Watson of Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab, aims to make you forget the usual boring sound of your wireless keyboard. As you hit the letter keys, spacebar, backspace, carriage return and scroll up and down buttons, it produces nostalgic typewriter sounds and works with all applications like email, web, word, etc.

You may download by clicking this link. Once you open the unzipped folder and read the file called “_ReadMe_Seriously.rtfd”, you need to follow directions for installing it on your Max OS X.

Via: Apartment Therapy

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