Parental control apps to keep your child safe

Tweens and teens are adept at downloading and using social media apps, some of which you may not even be aware of. These apps can be accessed on their smartphones and tablets, making it harder for you to keep track of your child’s online activities. Sometimes images and videos which depict children in a bad light might cause emotional and psychological harm to the child.

Read on to find out some popular parental control apps which are all the rage now:

Dangers in apps which are popular with kids now


You know this app, and you might know that messages/videos/images between friends are deleted the moment you read or see them. However, these can be retrieved and used in adult network and sites. Parental control mobile spy apps can be used to keep tab on SnapChat use.

Kik Messenger

This app allows sketches and videos to be exchanged, and also coordinates meetings and appointment between strangers, apart from a lot of risqué photos being exchanged. This can be dangerous as your child may be targeted by adults posing as kids. Your child’s mobile spy app can keep track of this app.

Yik Yak

Users are totally anonymous and messages are displayed publicly to anyone who is within a specified area. Cyberbullying is common on this app, as tweens and teens can say negative things about each other anonymously.


This app allows users to write comments anonymously about photos. Some teens bully and harass others by using other teen’s photos and posting hurtful comments. You can safeguard your child’s mobile with the spy app which can monitor this app.

Check out some mobile phone tracker apps which will help you keep your child safe: 


You can use this parental control mobile spy app to monitor WhatsApp and Kik, and also see the list of apps that have been downloaded on your child’s phone.

MM Guardian (Android with restricted iPhone use)

You can safeguard your child’s mobile with the spy app MM Guardian which lets you block and monitor incoming texts and calls. If you feel the need, you can lock and locate your child’s smartphone, and set time limits. 


Funamo is a child’s mobile spy app which lets you monitor IMs and filters the internet. Location, call, SMS, contact and app history is logged and uploaded to the server of Funamo daily, which you can view from your desktop or phone browser.


You can control your child’s phone with its web portal. It shows the sites your child visits and monitors social media apps; it can block calls and texts on android, apart from locating the phones.

Home Halo, Screen Limit, mSpy, Kids Place, App Lock are some other parental control mobile spy apps you can use to make your child’s mobile safer.

Adolescence is a time of experimentation which is why many teens get involved in harmful situations. You should educate your child about the dangers of irresponsible social media and Internet use, and let them know that they can come to you for help if they’re in trouble.

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