Astounding Gadgets that Help in Lulling You to Sleep

Just as we understand the importance of tooth with toothache, the role of sleep can only be realized by the lack of it. Excessive stress, workload and numerous personal issues often disrupt the sleeping routines of individuals, taking a toll on their health. Lack of time is also a crucial reason why the modern urban crowd is losing sleep and more people are becoming afflicted with insomnia.

In order to help them derive sleep more easily a bevy of unique gadgets have been launched in the market recently. No matter whether you are in an overnight plane or trying to catch a nap amidst work, these gadgets are sure to come handy. Here are a few you should check out.


Flat and thin pillows are one of the reasons of distress while traveling and staying in hotels booked by your office administration. PillowFix aims to change this scenario by letting you plump up any pillow you rest your head on. It can be easily slotted underneath any pillow after inflating.

With better neck and head rest one is sure to enjoy better rest. The PillowFix can also be used while camping traveling by air or as lower back support while sitting in uncomfortable chairs for hours.


With many voices buzzing inside your head asking stressful question and raising doubts regarding this and that, falling asleep can seem a Herculean task. SleepPhones is a comfortable headband that acts like a headphone, playing soothing sounds, music and audio books to help you relax and gently pass into the land of dreams.

You can plug it into any audio device that possesses a standard 3.5 mm jack. Since SleepPhones are comfortably padded and there are no ear buds that stuck into the ears one can sleep in any posture they wish without hindrance.

Lark in the Dark

If the thought of waking up at the right time is keeping you from peaceful resting then Lark in the Dark is the right device for you. This soundless alarm clock is basically a combination of an app and a wrist band. It sends gentle vibrations into the body that wakes up the sleepers right on time. In addition, it tracks the micro movements of wearers throughout their sleeping period to analyze their sleeping pattern and amount of real rest they are getting.

Sleep Genius


This is a sleeping app developed by neuroscientists as a helpful aid for astronauts. It creates pink noise which is a softer variant of white noise. This pink noise impacts the neurosensory algorithms of the mind. It creates the same sensation that a baby enjoys while being rocked to sleep. Its binaural beats train the brain to match sleep wave forms. This in turn induces deep slumber helping users get complete rest.

Bedjet Dual Zone 

Those who are picky about the temperature of their bed will find Bedjet Dual Zone a real boon. This is a sort of air conditioning system but for the bed. It allows users to control and customize the temperature of the two sides of the bed separately. This is the ideal choice for couples who want different temperatures at their side of the bed. The washable air filters of this device make maintaining it hassle free for users.

Nox Sleep Light


Nox system includes a bedside light and a bed that users must place above their pillows. The band tracks sleeping patterns, duration, heart rate and breathing rate along with the number of times sleepers toss and turn. It produces red wavelengths and gentle sounds that induce deep sleep. This device even changes the intensity of light to wake one up gradually.

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