Best Cheats and Hacks to Master Pokémon Go’s Mechanics

Pokémon Go has gained popularity all over the world withmore than 100 million downloads worldwide. Niantic labs developed this game and it focuses more activeness in the real world by introducing augmented reality.This game has no controls and you have to move from one place to another in order to catch a Pokémon. You can use cheats and hacks to find all the 151 Pokémon and level up your game fast.

Best cheats and hacks


There are many tricks used by expert players to fasten up their progress in the popular game. You can also use these tricks to get an edge on other players.

  1. Start your game with Pikachu

You can start your game with Pikachu as your first Pokémon. All you have to do is to ignore the Pokémon Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur, which appears at the start of the game when Professor asks you to catch one of them as your first Pokémon. Ignore them by moving away for five times and then for the sixth time Pikachu will appear along with the three initial Pokémon. You can capture Pikachu as your starter Pokémon.

  1. Catch wild Pokémon easily

If you see rustling leaves then it means that there is a possibility of the presence of a wild Pokémon.After trying once to catch the wild Pokémon, your game will shift and your Smartphone camera will open to show the creature in augmented reality. A white ring will appear around the Pokémon and changes depending on the likeliness of capturing it. You have to throw the Pokéball when the ring appears green to capture it successfully.

  1. PokéVision app


PokéVision is a website, which you can use to know exactly on a map the location of nearby Pokémon. This website gives details about the time for which the Pokémon will remain at that location.PokéVision acts like a treasure map of Pokémon.

  1. Places to find amazing Pokémon

You can find amazing Pokémon at places where a large number of people gather up. Moreover, lures at such places will remain for a longer period and there are chances of getting a rare Pokémon as well.

  1. Visit Pokéstops

While playing Pokémon Go, you can find places shown as flashing blue portals on your map. These portals can reward you with amazing prices and all you have to do is to go near these portals and spin them to reveal the prizes.

  1. Win Gym battles nearly every time

There is a very simple trick for increasing the probability of winning a gym battle.The trick is simply a dodge and attack method and works well with enemies of any level. You have to look for the yellow flash of your opponent to dodge his imminent attack immediately.Soon after dodging the attack; you have to hit him with your attack as quick as possible. Repeat the rhythm untilthe battle is over.

Other useful tricks


  1. Different places and times to find Pokémon

You can find many Pokémon at different places and at different times. For example, psychic, ghost and fairy Pokémon can be found in the evening or at night and going to places, which are near to sources of water, can run you into water-type Pokémon.

  1. Saving battery of your phone

Pokémon Go uses many features of your phone that result in rapid draining of your battery. Thanks to the developers, they have created a feature that can help your phone to save battery by running the game while the display of your phone is off.

Cheats and tricks are useful in leveling up fast in Pokemon Go. You can collect all the Pokemon easily and conserve your phone’s battery by using these tips and gaming trends .

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