5 Gadgets to Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is vital in regulating our body organs. Studies mention that good sleep extends our longevity as well as revitalizes our health. Despite this awareness, more than a third of the population of the United States suffers from some form of sleep orders. For students especially, things become quite hectic when they can’t get good night sleep since they keep worrying about their college essays and assignment. They can get college essay writing help for your curriculum while you are sleeping.

After all, lack of adequate and fulfilling sleep leads to other complications including reduced attention and productivity during the day that follows. The causes of sleep disorder are many. Although some are due to underlying medical conditions, most tend to be caused by our modern day lifestyle. Several experiments have been done to secure remedies to this malady, so are some fabulous gadgets that help students and others sleep easily. Below are five such gadgets to help you sleep better.

Sleep Alarm device

The sleep alarm is an inexpensive monitoring device intended to regulate your sleep pattern. By using your smartphone’s accelerometer, you can convert it into a sleep watch monitor. Place your phone next to your bed, get your heart rate data and set it to wake you up within a half an hour’s slot. Your watch will consider the most appropriate time to prompt you to arise. The alarm is gentle and soothing, unlike the typical alarm clock’s high-pitched rings. By settling into this particular routine for an extended period, the free tracker enables your body to get accustomed to the timing and synchronizes your sleep pattern.

Nuyu Sleeping System


The device operates by the same principles of a hot blanket. By creating perfect conditions for sleep, it quickly soothes you to a deep slumber. The device warms the mattress up to ideal temperature, taking into account your body heat. Once beddings are heated up, these help in secretion of sleep hormones. Once you attain the deep sleep mode, it reduces the temperature down slightly to prevent against heat flashes.

In the early morning, it again lowers the temperature to trigger your neurons into the active cycle; thus, allowing you to wake up.

Fit Sleep

The Fit Sleep Tracker is probably the best sleep analysis device. Through the application of the alpha waves technology, it induces proper sleep. By placing the device next to your pillow, it will capture all vital sleep statistics including heart rate, respiration rate, body movement stats, and sleeping habits.

It emits 0-13Hz alpha waves during light sleep. The wave stimulates your inner conscience to get deeper into sleep. Deeper sleep is beneficial to tissue healing, brain memory archiving and cells rejuvenation. When the time to wake up is near, it will bring you back to light sleep mode before it wakes you up. This proven sleep device is useful in the treatment of the sleeping disorder.

Beddit Sleep Tracker


This tracker aids you by documenting the factors that tempt you to sleep as well as those that disturb your slumber. The band can be laid under your pillow to perform all its functions. It works by tracking your breathing, heartbeat, body turning, snoring, the duration and frequencies of the deep and light sleep cycles, and ambient sounds. The information captured is relayed to your smartphone, where it can be analyzed as statistics on Misfit app downloaded free. The sleep alarm is able to wake you gently during the light sleep cycle.

Withings Aura Better Sleep System

Withings is an audiovisual tool used to improve your sleeping pattern. Before going to bed, you can set your preferred streams of music / instrumentals that activate the secretion of melatonin – a hormone responsible for brain calming and sleep inducement. The music is from web radio. Further, it emits LED lighting – responsible for slowing down the body system in preparation for sleep.

When the morning comes, the device will turn on your suitable wake-up music as well as a light simulation to gently switch off your sleep pattern and activate your senses.

These are some of the finest gadgets you can utilize to remediate your poor sleep habit. Most of these devices are available at online retail outlets. Furthermore, they come supplied with user’s instruction manual to guide you through their correct applications. As such, you do not have to lose sleep due to lack of perfect gadget to help you sleep better.

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